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We invite you to Spatini, our tini yet posh day spa and wellness center dedicated to providing the very best in spa servicing and holistic health treatments. You deserve to be pampered – and Spatini is the perfect destination for rejuvenation and true holistic wellness. Spatini focuses on the cause of why we become toxic and why it becomes hard to lose the weight.  Read more >

Spatini can provide you not only with external beauty but overall well being.
Don't you deserve this?



  • Detoxify, cleanse, & reveal the real YOU!
  • Be free of aches and pains
  • Have more energy while losing stored toxins
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Become free of medications
  • Rebuild your immune system
  • Learn how to eat for optimum health
  • Learn how to eat for disease prevention
  • Shopping lists & menus provided
  • Several holistic wellness programs to choose from
  • Proven results, see our testimonials
  • Wellness programs available in over 2000 wellness spas nation wide
  • M'lis has improved over thousands of lives, be one of them today.